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The USA IT Reliability comes with Value and Safety.

AIGC Group Data center engineer


A Midwest -based information technology consulting and IT service provider called AIGC Limited Lability Company (LLC) has a focus on the national market and is controlled by minorities to a 60 percent extent. AIGC Group LLC. is A 2016 founded company with expertise in the IT service sector, qualified management, and senior technical IT staff with more than 15 years of industry experience.


Our Mission:

To provide the most dependable IT network, hardware, and software solutions to enable our clients to run more profitable businesses and with greater efficiency. Work together with technical colleges and the university community to deliver emerging technology strategies and integrate new technology through students. adhering to the service timetable with business professionalism and technical quality in consideration of the client's expectations

cctv installation
displays installation

Full IT network services, such as network design, infrastructure, and management through on-site field services and remote monitoring and management system, are the company's main focus. We also boast about having exceptional hardware and software installers that manage the setup and deployment of our clients' TV displays, POS systems, IT-related appliances, switches, routers, access points (AP), kiosks, software, and other items. We replace and troubleshoot Low Voltage cables through our certified PLT specialists.

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